What "compromise"?



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Wednesday Update

What we want to continue doing in some of these Wednesday Updates is begin to look at major events in the news in their larger historical context.... And maybe even how some things will be viewed in 50 years, 100 years or even 500 or 1000 years...


Subject: Things are getting really crazy these days, but not to worry

(Wed., August 17, 2011)

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What "compromise"?

Surreal is as surreal does?

There maybe a pattern here?

The Stimulus Plan that wasn’t

The budget deal "compromise" that wasn’t

The debt ceiling "compromise" that wasn’t


On the debt ceiling "compromise"

Please forgive me. I am just having a hard time following all of this. I honestly tried to follow this debt ceiling debate closely. Just out of interest in the political dynamic of the whole thing. I stayed home from church and watched the Sunday morning talk shows, I watched the mainstream media, and I listened to a range conservative radio talk shows.

And I would even listen to the President himself and to Boehner. And, the whole thing was generally surreal in my opinion, apart from which side you thought was correct, that is, choosing between over the cliff at full speed with a bankrupting, dysfunctional, corrupt Entitlement welfare state or stop the madness, restructure things and develop workable and economically viable programs and budgets.


Why "surreal"?

There was something going on in the back and forth of this whole debt ceiling thing, and few people were reporting what I was clearly seeing and hearing with my own eyes and ears, and even conservatives could not agree among themselves about what was happening, but the debt ceiling battle followed an almost identical pattern to the budget crisis last spring, and both were very surreal on matters of utmost importance to the prosperous survival and future of this nation.

What was actually happening, fairly obviously to be blunt, and what was being reported as happening? In both cases of the budget and debt ceiling it was reported that tough bargaining and negotiating was going on, and the two sides of Boehner and Obama finally reached a "compromise." This is not at all what was going on. Hello?

This was also all a bit like the PB thing. The PB thing was a classic shakedown (that is, extracting money by threats outside of normal legal procedures), for better or worse, and maybe PB deserved to be so shaken down, but the mainstream media simply could not bring themselves to say the obvious, it was like an "Emperor has no clothes" thing. Obama in that situation simply summoned the head of PB to the White House and told him what was going to be the case or he and Holder would break the PB guy’s kneecaps, and the PB guy saw the light! Do tell!


Boehner also sees the light!

Similarly in neither case of the budget or debt ceiling debates were there any real "negotiations" going on between Boehner or the President. Complete baloney. In both cases the President said give me 98% of what I want (from the previous outrageous 2008 Congress) or I will shut the government down over the budget and blame it on you, or on the debt ceiling I will take us into default and not pay Social Security and blame that on you, and the mass media will so report it for me!

In both cases the "official" Republican plan put on the table was terrible. Over the cliff at 58 mph instead of 60 mph what difference does it make? The two Republican offers gave the President 95% of what he wanted, and President Obama refused to take the offers, and he insisted on 98% on all important points, and the Republicans gave it to him. Obama did not just defeat the Republicans he publicly humiliated them twice and was, as I recall, even caught on a mike saying after the budget "deal" that he did not have time to sit around argue about nickels and dimes with Boehner!


In a sense you have to admire President Obama...

In a sense you have to admire President Obama, and his extraordinary leadership skills, and his ability to get his way totally about almost everything, almost as an absolute monarch, if not Mafia boss. I think it is, actually, admirable that the President is working with the House and Senate to come up with good legislation (something W Bush hardly attempted), but in truth that is not really an exact Constitutional function, no?

Technically the House works with the Senate, and they pass legislation, and the President either signs or vetoes it, etc. But in this unusual case, the Senate will do whatever Obama tells them to do, and so Obama negotiates with the House directly for them to give him the laws he wants, and if they will not, he says he will not sign the law and shut the government down or go into default or not pay Social Security, and blame any of these things on the House of Representatives. For what? For not "compromising" with him! He is in these cases shaking down the Republicans, time and again, in some ways like the BP thing. He summons you to the White House and tells you what he wants, and you are going to do it or else he will break your political kneecaps. He could not shake down PB without Holder’s menacing presence, and he cannot shake down Boehner and the Republicans without the mainstream media’s factually faulty reporting to prop up his efforts and tragically ill-conceived agenda.


The simple fact is Obama is supported in all this charade by the mainstream media

The simple fact is Obama is supported in all this charade by the mainstream media because the Democrat Party has been setting the narrative for the mainstream media for probably 30 or 40 years, be that narrative connecting with the ways things really are or not. This is why, like discussing totally imaginary rights supposedly in Constitution law, today’s political discussions in the mainstream media in America today are also like theater of the absurd. People are carrying on conversation and dialogues that make little or no sense whatsoever and that are usually completely disconnected from the facts of the situation, and they are doing an unreal analysis that simply serves to further the undesirable and unworkable Leftist agenda of Obama and the Democrats. You doubt this?


This is easy to show. Here are some examples.

In this latest "battle" the conservatives wanted cut, cap and balance or the Mack penny plan or whatever, and the President wanted full speed ahead in the wrong direction! A compromise would have been, obviously, stopping the massive debt accumulation or drastically slowing it down, and not giving the President (as in the budget deal) 98% of what he wants. This is ridiculously called a "compromise."

Maybe it is in fact a good thing, that the President got 98% of what he wanted when the dust settles and when the budget and debt ceiling bills are analyzed, but it is overtly "absurd" and "surreal" to call it a "compromise" in either case. Please! The Emperor has no clothes on this ridiculous characterization.

One can only speculate here, but I think the mainstream media makes overtly ridiculous and outrages claims and characterizations about things as the administration directs them to because they are also at times afraid of him, as well. But why? Because if they do not report things "correctly" (as the administration tells them to) they are obviously racist, right? What could be more obvious, and the mainstream media definitely does not want that label hung around their necks as it has been tried by the administration with the Tea Party.

"Where’s Edward R. Murrow?" There ain’t one, and further and probably even more serious much of the mainstream media actually supports the undesirable and unworkable Liberal to Radical Leftist agenda so they are more than happy to "spin" or mischaracterize things any way Obama and the Democrats more generally want them to.


Another example, in just this one last affair.

Another example, in just this one last affair. Our U.S. bond rating is not on shaky ground because of some possible "default." That was the mainstream media’s narrative, big time, no? Hour after hour, day after day. But why? Because that is what Obama told them to say, and so they did. I do not think anyone in the world doubted we would pay our debts, except maybe the old people in America Obama scared out of their minds.

The big question was just the opposite of the way it was presented to the public by the administration and its mainstream media. One’s credit worthiness goes down if one’s debt gets too high. This means Obama getting his way on this "deal" makes our credit worthiness less good not better because Obama’s plan adds trillions more to the national debt.

Again any idiot can see this, but not the mainstream media they say themselves. Obama gets 98% of what he wants in a so-called "compromise" that is supposed to save the dollar, and the markets crash, and gold soars, and our credit is downgraded, and the mainstream media acts shocked and dismayed that this happened when we got the supposedly great "compromise" to save the day that they wanted! And further all the nations of the world are critical of this obvious sham, and the mainstream media cannot figure out why, they say. This is totally surreal, and in reality extremely important stuff for the future of this nation.


And it gets crazier than this, if that is possible.

There is a famous line in Shakespeare, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks," and it is very relevant in this situation. When the so-called "compromise" was reached that gave Obama 98% of what he wanted his lunatic fringe radical base also acts shocked and outraged, for Obama’s supposedly giving in, that is, "compromising"! Methinks they protest too much. Please, please, don’t throw me in the brier patch.

Clearly it serves the Democrats and the President immensely to get virtually everything they want and stuff that is potentially totally destroying this nation, and at the same time to have their far Left base howl in protest. Clearly we have here emerging in all history, the centrist and the great statesman, Barack Obama. What could be more obvious? This is A+ political theater, but totally surreal, theater of the surreal...


Surreal political theater... "Let them eat cake..."

Obama is functioning at this stage more as a decadent absolute monarch than a President with his seemingly constant extravagant galas while the nation is mired in debt, recession, and un-employment. I think the President should take his own advice. Instead of playing golf all the time and going on fancy vacations, he could go down to work in a local soup kitchen in his spare time. Is this not the sort of thing he encourages us to do? He could in his own terms serve as a positive example to the nation instead of a negative one?

I mean we are not talking the infamous "compromise" here, but rather "shared sacrifice," which is yet another surreal thing the President is always touting. The only real problem is, and the surreal thing of this is, that when the President calls for "shared sacrifice" he never wants to share in it himself personally nor have any of his supporters "share" in it. I wonder why?


What does "shared sacrifice" really mean?

Look, I am not trying to be a funny guy here, but when Obama says "shared sacrifice" we all know what he means. The "rich" (as he will define them) should pay more taxes. And in fact, maybe they should, but don’t call it "shared sacrifice." Words mean things, no? Or at least they used to, but the whole point of so-called "theater of the absurd" is to give words new meanings, often even the opposite of what they originally meant. Hence George Orwell in 1984 saw exactly where modern statism was going? The Communists were masters of this. Their falsification news organization was not called "mainstream media" but called "Pravda" or, that is translated "Truth."

I often have a hard time understanding how the mainstream media does the news with a straight face. It must take lots of practice? The infamous "Stimulus Bill" was passed and no significant infrastructure projects were done, but close to a trillion dollars were handed out to political constituency groups to shore up their failing finances. This by definition is a Slush Fund. (Look it up in the dictionary!) This is unprecedented political corruption in America and world history by Obama and the Democrat Party and hardly a word is said in the mainstream press. I wonder why?

Seemingly nothing these days in American politics is what it is or is called? (Did you hear Obama’s unreal Ramadan speech? What was that about? God only knows?) Still, "a rose is a rose is a rose by any other name is still a rose"? At this stage in the game one must almost wonder against whom Hillary is going to run? And will she be too little too late to save the Democrat Party in the history American politics?


The fact is, however, the stakes are too high

The fact is, however, the stakes are too high and the issues too important for the nation and the world for this overt nonsense. The fact is the Democrat Party is almost all undesirable, unworkable, dysfunctional, and dishonest Leftist. And the worldwide markets with real "skin in the game" (as the expression goes) agree with this assessment that the mainstream media simply cannot bring themselves to report. The debt ceiling deal that supposedly cuts 2 trillion actually adds 7 trillion to the debt! Again, nothing is what it is said to be! And base-line budgeting is never mentioned! And pay-go is no pay-go, etc. (The mafia-like Leftist code of silence must be maintained at all costs by the mainstream media!)

The fact is Liberalism and now Radicalism have played themselves out in America over the last 60 or 70 years to their logical self-destructive economic and political ends, and they are now to the place they will even destroy the nation rather than end the charade and change direction, and, again, even the world markets seem to think this, not just American conservatives; unless we dramatically change course and direction, we are finished. This will require true, rational, practical, morally responsible legislation or, that is, in effect rules and regulations. And we will only get such laws to the truly right thing for the nation, if we have a will and wisdom to do such an ends and not some unworkable, self-serving, utopian, dishonest, morally irresponsible Leftist vision. Please.


The real ultimate problem in all of this is unregenerate man?

The problem in all of this is unregenerate man (says Augustine correctly). Why? Almost inevitably fallen man has no such will and wisdom to the common good, and he goes to the legislature to pursue either his own interests or his group’s interest (over and against the Constitutional "general welfare" of the nation) or to pursue an unworkable and undesirable faulty ideological agenda usually in the name of "justice" or "fairness" or "compassion," or some other similar rhetorical cliché or platitude.

And to make the situation worse unregenerate man tends to vote for such misguided people as legislators, especially when no accurate or real reporting can be found in order for the voter to make informed decisions. So this means all we need to solve all our national problems is a good alternative media, and 150 million or so Christian salvations, piece of cake, or it should be when we finish our Origen video series. And, so "All’s well that ends well," to quote Shakespeare, again.

It is my personal opinion that all of Obama’s great victories to date are pyric. They will be very costly to him in the long run and lead not only to the end of his place in all history but that of the Democrat Party as well. The Democrats are dancing with the one that brung ‘em, with not a person out of step except for the feigned outrage of his fringe far Left (Saul Alinsky) lunatic base.

This is a truly wonderful hour to be alive and engaged with these historic issues, but as the President likes to say, it can definitely entail a lot of sleepless nights at times. But not to worry. I am personally convinced that Origen is pretty much the solution to all our problems these days. He did it once 1800 years ago in almost identical circumstances to ours, and he can do it again. Piece of cake.