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What we want to continue doing in some of these Wednesday Updates is to look at major events in the news in their larger historical context.... And maybe even how some things will be viewed in 50 years, 100 years or even 500 or 1000 years...


Subject: Republican primary and the coming 2012 Presidential election

(Wednesday, November 2, 2011)

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The 2012 elections and the Republican primary

The Republican primary debates and candidates


Something very unusual has happened?

Not "none of the above" but "all of the above"?


This coming presidential election could prove to be no ordinary election but rather a possible turning point in American and world history, and it goes far beyond some basic but needed tax code plan. Itís not just the messenger in this coming Presidential election, it is the message, and who has the vision and Wisdom of Solomon to pull it off? Pull what off? The restoration of the American dream and vision with liberty and justice for all, as a shining city on a hill (tall order, no doubt).



Obama and the Democrats, the gift that keeps on giving

Obamaís laughably absurd and corrupt half trillion dollar Jobs Bill should be seen as a gift from God to the Republican Party. Slush Fund II? Talk about "audacity" and foolishness and Liberal to Radical corruption? My goodness, are Obama and the Democrats trying to destroy America? Not consciously, of course, but for all practical purposes their self-serving, foolish policies have that effect, almost any way you figure it. At some point the mainstream media is going to have an epiphany on this stuff, and once that happens the Democrat Party is finished in history one must figure? But what does this all mean?

In 2012 we are possibly looking at an election of unprecedented importance for this nation, and I would even argue for the history of mankind on earth, given the unique role of the United States in that story, and we are also looking at potentially the largest landslide in the history of this nation, at least since the first elections of George Washington. Why? Because the whole "politically correct" Liberal to Radical agenda in religion, law, education and economics of Americaís Liberal to Radical humanist intelligentsia is about to come to an end, all at once I think.

With such an implosion, the Liberal to Radical agenda in America in religion, law, education, economics, and now politics is over. It will be accompanied, presumably, by a great Evangelical revival and turning back to God throughout the nation as a result of the Liberal to Radical religious disintegration, as part of the whole overall collapse of the Left, but to the political point at hand here and the 2012 elections, and to what is potentially at stake. If the across the board implosion of the Left in religion, law, education, and economics does not take place, Obama could win a squeaker, possibly, and we could continue to have divided dysfunctional government as we have seen for the past year, and this will all play out again in 4 years with the nation, say, 25 trillion in debt?


The importance of the Republican Presidential Primary Debates...

However, if the implosion of the Left (in all areas) takes place because of its overt foolishness and failures over the past 50 to 60 years and the last 3 years in particular in politics and economics, the Republicans could get 60 to 70% of the vote one must figure, and they will be in a position that Obama and the Democrats were in in 2008, but this time to do a Wisely thought out transitional agenda (back to sanity). The Republicans will be in a position to do virtually whatever they want to change the direction of this nation and restore Americaís role of leadership in the world and in all history for mankind on earth. No small matter obviously, and this is why the Republican presidential primary debates have been so interesting.

These debates are not a mere debating society, they are what would you do if you had virtual complete power to take this nation off its clearly disastrous course and right that course for generations to come? The Republicans have a good field of candidates for President, and in my opinion it may be too good. Why too good? Each person embodies something that clearly needs to be done to right the nation, but no one person seems yet at this point to embody all that needs to be done for truly Wise and desirable restoration of America with revolutionary change from our current course. These candidates are potentially the founders of a Revolution, which, possibly, could be talked about for generations, even centuries, to come. What does each bring to the table that is absolutely crucial for the future of America?


The Magnificent 7...

Well, starting with Newt, he is the intellectual, or so-called "egghead" of the group of course. I think he is the only candidate of the entire group who truly understands the historical nature of what is happening here with this election as well as sincerely appreciating the strengths of each of the candidates, and of course he is full of experience.

Romney? If we do not get a business friendly man in the White House, turn out the lights or get one of Obamaís fancy curlicue things, itís over in America?

Perry? Drill, baby, drill. Nuf said on that? And Perry claims there is a tenth amendment in the Constitution. My goodness, can you imagine such a thing?

Santorum? Faith, family, and manufacturing, a man after my own heart, I must say, and if we do not do something to bring back manufacturing we are toast, especially with one person in 5 unemployed or underemployed, while the Chinese make everything for us and we just charge it! Good grief. But that does not mean zero corporate tax is necessarily such a good idea though the double taxation thing has been a bone of contention with many people for years. Santorum is also strong for the military.

Paul? Some call him an isolationist, but that is a bit strong, I think, and it is certainly not foolishness to ask was Iraq really a good idea? In any case, as best I can tell, Paul is the person in the group with the most pure economic sense. What in the world is going on at the Federal Reserve, does anybody have a clue? We need to find out, and if it ainít right fix it. Not complicated? We also need to find out what went wrong specifically with the market collapse in 2008, so it doesnít happen again, as Paul says. No kidding on that one?

Michele Bachmann? An experienced tax lawyer, and I think she may have the best overall "gut" in the group, not just "courage" as such, but sense of "wisdom." And whoever makes it to the White House with a potential blank check for legislation (not cash) to fix things is going to need the Wisdom of Solomon, or they may make as big a mess of things as Obama and the Democrats did in 2008, if that is possible.

Cain? He, as Newt says, realizes more than anyone that we need bold action, and the conviction to do it, and Cain certainly has that, but Cain is selling the 999 Plan more than himself, and I think regardless of how good or bad the plan may be, the nation may dread the thought of a 9% national sales tax to fix all our problems, whether it would or it wouldnít. Cain is also right (as Santorum) we need strength and clarity in our foreign policy, neither of which, you might say, the Democrats have been very big on for some years now, and especially the last 3 years! The idea that the Arab and Muslim world are as much our friends as Israel, or that they share our open society values, as this administration holds, is not only utterly ridiculous but really outrageous when you get right down to it. This administration has, in my opinion, put this nation in a serious international no-manís-land with its foreign policy foolishness.


How God is going to move on peopleís hearts to vote...

How God is going to move on peopleís hearts to vote for one of these primary candidates, I have no idea, but I can say this is a quality field of candidates, unequaled in our lifetime without question? I think we need the candidate who best embodies the whole of the field of these candidates to carry out Wise and effective policies of government and leadership and vision for the nation and for Congress.

Bachmann may be the most electable "revolutionary"? And she seems to carry a shotgun more than a rifle, and she likes Donald Trump, a man who knows how to make a deal, if ever there was one! Regardless, as Cain realizes, we need a person who is serious about getting the nation back on track with bold action, now that the policies of the Democrat Party (of the last 50 years, and especially the last 3 years) are a manifest failure for all but the most ideological Liberals to see, and without the vision of a realistic and workable energy policy of Perry, or a pro business and manufacturing mentality of Romney and Santorum, we are as a nation still probably going to be in a big mess, I would think, as we are if we do not find out with Paul what went wrong economically in 2008, whether Fannie and Freddie, poor banking, political corruption, faulty bogus derivatives, or the Federal Reserve or a combination of all! Paul is dead on with this and has a passion for it. And of course Newt is standing around thinking about all of the pros and cons of all the different positions, a necessary thing to do no doubt. And, of course, if Huntsman hangs in there, we will have the magnificent 8, not 7.

By contrast, Liberalism and all the phony jobs bills and stimulus packages are embarrassingly terrible, and ridiculous economics, and arguably extremely corrupt and completely indefensible. The Republicans should be able to get easily 70% of the vote, given the corrupt disaster we have on our hands now, but they will need serious Wisdom to turn things around and to get government working correctly again, and in a fiscally responsible way, and they need a commitment to these general, workable traditional values and principles of government and of economics and even of morality. And of course, again, the foreign policy record of America of the last three years is abysmal, and certainly in a dangerous world we need a renewed Wisdom and strength in this area as well.


"All of the above" not "none of the above"

In short, I think each candidate brings something to the table of crucial importance, but it is not yet clear that any one of them has the total package of traits to make the Wise changes we need, even "revolutionary" charges we need at this point in our nationís history. With the intellectual collapse and practical failures of Liberalism and Radicalism we are clearly at a turning point in Americaís history, and in this case we seem to have a situation with these candidates that is not "none of the above," which we usually have, but rather "all of the above."

In general we can say we need Wise tax policy that promotes prosperity, and pays the bills, just as we need Wise social programs that work and we can afford, and we may need to pull back on those programs and agencies that are not really working too well and that we cannot afford. Are these basic ideas rocket science? I donít think so, but actual implementation of policies which work well is a bit more complicated, and this is where true Wisdom, leadership, and vision are needed...


We need Wisdom, no doubt about it, for the restoration of America

I think it can be unwise and simplistic to be too committed to a given plan as a possible cure-all, which some conservatives tend to do. There is too much at stake. Much gets bantered about that seems not necessarily so smart or Wise, such as eliminating all capital gain taxes, or all progressive income tax, or all death taxes, etc., etc., which will supposedly fix all our problems. Fine if any such things would, but in truth things may not be that simple or easily done for where we want to get to, namely, a Just and prosperous republic for the good of all. For example, it would seem, or at least many hold, until we end base-line budgeting we are not even remotely serious about fixing our problems, and many hold that simple thing alone would fix many of our problems, but in truth probably all legislation of the past 50 or 60 years needs to be looked at? We are looking quite possibly at true and needed systemic change, and the person with the courage and Wisdom to pull it off in the next 4 years to 8 years.

The business of America is business, playing by the rules of the game for the health and wealth of the nation and, hence, this means good rules at that, and we seem to have something of a tangled mess, at this point. Unwise or burdensome regulation, is not a good idea of course, but this does not mean no rules or regulations, at all, please! And if the Republicans get 70% of the vote, which could easily happen if the mainstream media decides to put in an honest dayís work, it will mean the Republicans in 2012, as the Democrats in 2008, will be able to make any good rules and regulations they want, and hopefully this time it will be for the overall well-being of the nation and economy, and not simply attacking the private sector and handing out trillions, mostly to friends, leaving the nation in much worse shape than when they started, and hopefully it wonít be giving us another foolish and massive boom and bust as we saw in the Bush years. What a mess this nation is in, but here we are clearly on the verge of a revolution from where things currently stand, but in truth it is more of a restoration of America, "the last best hope" for mankind on earth. No small matter to be sure.


What does this all mean? This is no ordinary primary to be sure...

What does this all mean? This is no ordinary primary to be sure. All the candidates may be necessary to pull off the changes we need, and each is capable currently, presumably, of getting 5 to 10% of the vote because of his or her strengths, but no one at this time appears to be capable of getting much more than 20% of the vote. Hardly a resounding majority! So, if no one pulls out (which is possible if maybe not likely), we are headed to a brokered convention it would seem (if no clear consensus candidate does indeed emerge), but curiously a convention not brokered by division, but brokered by unity, strange as that may sound, the unity of desiring a new direction and vision for America for the 21st century, but it is still way too far in advance to call this, of course.

However, as things stand now, if neither Romney nor Perry drop out, and if neither can get more than 20% of the vote, this thing could go to the wire, or more precisely to the convention, fairly easily, and in the debates rather than eating each other alive we could, in effect, have a national forum on which candidate has the best judgment and best conservative or traditional values vision for America in order to be the next President, now that we are on the verge of reaching a national consensus that the Liberal to Radical agenda in religion, law, education, economics, and politics of the last 60 years is "history," so to speak, praise God.


May God be with us...

What is really happening in these debates? We are, in effect, witnessing a national debate not just on what policies to implement but what general direction the nation should take now that we are at last reaching something of a national consensus over the last 3 years on the failures of Liberalism and Radicalism in the Democrat Party not just in politics and government but also certainly economics, big time, and law, education and even religion, though religion, as such, is not specifically a political matter of course.

Though the intellectual and practical failures of the Leftist and generally humanist agenda are now easy to see, and it was only a matter of time before virtually everyone could see them, the big question of the hour is what exact course we should take, and what precise policies we should implement, and what Wise legislation we should pass for the good of the nation as a whole, and that is, well, another matter, which we are, in fact, in the process of currently determining... May God be with us in this most exciting hour since 1776. I think unborn generations are, in effect, watching us every bit as much as they were that first fateful July 4th day.

May we, as the original Founders, not fail our generations to come... What a tragedy that would be... The complete collapse of the social, political, economic, moral, and legal agenda of failed Liberalism and Radicalism is truly a terrible thing to waste... and a tragic thing to witness, no doubt... But the true challenge of the day, quite simply, is a replacement vision for a foolish Liberalism, and who now most has it, is the question...