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What we want to continue doing in some of these Wednesday Updates is begin to look at major events in the news in their larger historical context.... And maybe even how some things will be viewed in 50 years, 100 years or even 500 or 1000 years...


Subject: Maybe Revolution begins in American Politics and the screw turns, at last...

(Wed., September 16, 2009)

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Most decisive week ever in American politics and the history of the Republic?


American Politics and the screw turns, at last? The backlash begins?


The collapse of the radical left and its challenge by mainstream America


How so-called "moderate" Democrats and Republicans must finally, at last, fish or...


I think this past Labor Day week of 2009 may have been not only one of the most interesting weeks in the history of America and her politics but perhaps even a most decisive week in American politics and the history of the Republic. But why? Let me count the ways...



First, what a summer of 2009... Who would have guessed?

What a summer of 2009 we had. Who would have guessed that anything like this could have occurred in American politics and world history?

Obama light bulbs, Obama "Justice" (Dept.), Obama Motors, Obama Energy (policy), Obama Czars, Obama Global Warming, Obama Supreme Court, Obama Political Machine on the Public Payroll, Obama Unprecedented Deficits, Obama 10% or so Unemployed, and possibly Obama Healthcare soon to come and maybe even Obama "Education" (Dept.) for all our children! Is this cool or what? He is doing so much to us and for us I can’t believe it, and all at such great sacrifice to himself. He is truly "re-making" our whole nation and Constitutional structure! What more could we have even dreamed of! The "hope and change" is alive, and all our "dreams" he promised us have come true!


Bush vs. Obama...

An interesting phenomenon occurred this past summer... When Bush was president a group of "moderate" Republican and Democrat senators pledged to stop any potentially radical Supreme Court nominee. Though it is not known for certain what someone may do once on the Court, still, when Obama is president, these self-professed "moderates" (to stop potential radicals on the Court) suddenly could not be found. Interesting? And then comes last week...


The Week of Labor Day 2009

The address to the school children, a bizarre address to the nation before a joint session of Congress, and a 9-11 commemoration as "a first day of national service and remembrance," followed a national Tea Party in Washington DC.  What an unprecedented week?


A Speech to Joint Session of Congress

To be fair to President Obama, American politics are not always as pure as the wind-driven snow, but traditionally we at least like to make a show of sincerity and good faith, all of which was thrown to the wind last Wednesday in a way seemingly unprecedented in American history? Tragically our politicians over the last few decades are not always known for telling the truth, but Obama took his occasion before Congress to push an unprecedented agenda by telling what appeared to be whopper after whopper about what he was hoping to do, and then to add insult to injury he stood before Congress and called his political opponents liars! My goodness. Clearly he chose the wrong setting for such a whacky speech? Maybe Obama owes the American people and the Congress an apology? Maybe he could even do a national apology tour? He seems to do quite well with international apology tours, now, some say, he owes a big one to the American people? 

Has any President ever before called political opponents liars or, that is, said that his political opponents "lie" before a joint session of Congress?  Not to my knowledge, nor apparently to anyone else's knowledge in America, after a week of discussion. Does no one have the courage to speak out against such incivility? Should Congress censure the President? Hard to say? In any case, I personally think, we all need to come together to serve America... this great nation...


9-11 as a national day of service?

9-11 as a national day of service? Not all bad, this can be a patriotic thing, without question. But this is also in its own way, or at least can be in its own way, pretty standard leftist stuff, and it was the theme of his speeches at school graduations last spring (if you will recall), and it is not all bad, of course, but in truth when one pulls this stunt as President, it can be to the purpose of serving himself and his agenda, conveniently, you might say. We are all supposed to sacrifice for the common good? for others? for the less fortunate? or for our Great Leader? Hard to say exactly? His autobiography is full of this stuff, and of course he sees himself as doing his part by "community organizing." But "organizing" for what? For himself and his getting unprecedented presidential power over the nation! Just a but surreal?

Obama even says in his autobiography that the common people of middle America used to find meaning and purpose in modern day life in religion, but since many people can no longer do this, they can find true meaning to life in serving others, and of course serving his great cause to become our great and inspiring almost absolute leader. He is, in "community organizing," leading by example, you might say? Unfortunately Obama’s life, as a "community organizer," is not one of self-sacrifice (as he likes to claim) of, say, a Mother Teresa, but rather one of pure self-gain and ambition of the highest order, all in the name of supposedly serving others at supposedly great expense to himself of time and money, etc. And now he urges us to do exactly the opposite of what he in fact did and to do so in his service or in support of his own personal political agenda, which is anything but one of personal self-sacrifice, and to top it all off he wants to use 9-11 as the rocket fuel of this whole self-seeking thing in order to give it all legitimacy? This is not just surreal? It is utterly bizarre? In fact it is something of  an unimaginable bad dream?


And then there are the Tea Parties!

And then there are the Tea Parties! Can’t imagine why we would be having any of those! President Obama by his own screwy actions and outrageous speeches and comments is clearly polarizing the nation in way that is unprecedented. This is like "spontaneous combustion"! Obama is so radically left, misguided, and even disingenuous that in the long run, in my opinion, he is not going to succeed as President, and though he appears to be attempting to lead America over the cliff ("re-make it," he says), in the end he will only succeed in leading the Democrat Party over the cliff?

In the end I do not think a radical agenda will succeed in America, and the more it is pushed as supposedly "good" or "desirable" or "normal" probably the greater the backlash and those associated with a radical agenda will probably not fare well in the long run politically. The radical left’s agenda seems mostly to serve the radical left and not America, and, hence, the Tea Parties and backlash, which will presumably grow as the Democrats and Obama get nuttier and nuttier? Not only the Tea Parties of last spring and the town hall meetings of the summer but now a said-to-be unprecedented march on Washington of potentially historic proportions. The Revolution to "restore" (not "re-make") America has begun? Never in American or world history have 1.5 to 2 million people so gathered "spontaneously," but all I know is what I read in the newspapers!


Historical and Political Bottom-line...

As an American, in the end, one simply must chose between Jeremiah Wright and Saul Alinsky on the one hand or George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on the other? This is not a tough call for most people? Obama is not an ordinary liberal politician who happens to be friends with radicals in order to get votes, etc. That would be no big deal, and it is not uncommon. Rather, Obama is first and foremost a radical and a "community organizer" (he says) who also just happens to be a politician as well. Big difference.

Not to be a wise guy about this, but this will all probably play well with the American public as long as it plays well, and then it will not play out so well? I often have little political instinct, but last Wednesday’s speech before Congress strikes me a political mistake of the highest order in outrageous content and tone. On the other hand, if Obama gets his Healthcare Plan, it was, it would seem, a stroke of unbelievable genius, and the Obama "magic" is still there! The Bible talks of false leaders doing "lying wonders," but I have never really understood what that was about before, but it is starting to make at least some sense to me these days. Bottom-line? If you cannot sell your plan honestly, maybe it is not a good plan? Just a thought. And if the unprecedented spontaneous demonstrations come to nothing in the long run, then they come to nothing, but on the other hand they may just be a beginning? But as a mere social commentator, I can say the split in America these days often appears to be radical and does not seem to be going away any time soon?

Some say it is Obama and the Acorn boys versus Rush and the Tea Party boys, and one side is going to win, and one side going to lose, with their opposing visions for America? But, in truth, Rush has had little or nothing to do with all of these demonstrations, which seem to have a life of their own dealing with traditional American values and vision... But how this will all play out, only time will tell... Just as can be said for the long-term success or failure of this seemingly very radical current administration... I guess, as the old expression goes... "Stayed tuned..." An unprecedented Revolution may have begun for a return to basic sanity, honesty, civility and good faith in American politics?