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PHOTO ARCHIVE from the "The Story of The Great Books of Western Philosophy">

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So far in this series of videos on the Great Books we have looked at the Old Testament, the Greeks, and we are currently doing the Roman Cicero.  After doing a series of Introductory Programs on doing History and Philosophy and on using a Great Books method,  we saw how the promises to Abraham by faith to be the father of many righteous nations can very easily be traced to Paul, then to Luther, and then to the Great Awakening and then to the revolution of 1776 with it moral "Laws of Nature and of Nature's God"!!!  And then finally to Lincoln and to Woodrow Wilson and to Ronald Wilson Reagan with his vision of the righteous "City on a Hill"!!!


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"The Story of The Great Books of Western Philosophy"

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Program 166 Photo

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Program 52 Psalm 119

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Our previous video series was entitled

"The Story of 20th Century Philosophy"

In our story of 20th century philosophy we saw how in the 20th century Harry Emerson Fosdick's "Shall the Fundamentalists Win?" came to define liberal Christianity and spirituality (in essence, "spiritual humanism"), as simply spiritual experiences of tolerance and as a rejection of literal Biblical truth, morality, and salvation. Historical Christianity was supposedly all "mythology"! And we also saw how materialist humanism was defined by the Humanist Manifesto with its loss of ultimate and real values, meaning, and truth, and how so-called "postmodernism" followed as a logical conclusion and was defined by Jean-Paul Sartre in his theory of existentialism where everything is seen to be meaningless and permissible!

Below are links to Photos and Charts from that video Program series

Program-62 Photo

Program-62 Chart