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Wednesday Update

What we want to continue doing in some of these Wednesday Updates is to look at major events in the news in their larger historical context.... And maybe even how some things will be viewed in 50 years, 100 years or even 500 or 1000 years...


Subject: "Community organizing" and Occupy Wall Street

(Wednesday, November 9, 2011)

(approx. 2075 words, 4 pp.)


"Occupy movement" turns violent. Surprise, surprise!

Occupy Wall Street and elsewhere is anything but spontaneous


What is "community organizing" and what are its ends, and means?

Or, not to worry, our great leader President Obama will save us from the chaos!


The occupy Wall Street Movement has turned violent. Surprise, surprise! But this should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with what President Obama calls "community organizing." I personally find the whole "Occupy Wall Street" and elsewhere thing to be intellectually un-interesting, but politically potentially very interesting. There are problems on Wall Street no doubt.



Wall Street Mess indeed, but we need more not fewer profitable Corporations!

The massively leveraged derivatives from which people are widely reported to make hundreds of millions indeed billions upon billions off of are said to be very capable of collapsing the system as TARP did, that is, if the right people bet the wrong way. This clearly seems to put the nation at risk as we saw last time around, and it should no doubt be investigated and regulated, as well as trading that can, in essence, artificially manipulate markets, and God only knows what the Federal Reserve is doing, but having said all of this, in general we in America should want more corporations, making more money, not fewer corporations making less money. Please, get real!


"I donít care about moral issues just about jobs and the economy" Really?

The Left in America today (aka the Democrat Party) is totally clueless. They cannot figure anything out from Wall Street to the economy to "jobs" to homosexual marriage. In truth, it is not just false but pretty absurd to say homosexual marriage is the same as heterosexual marriage, and it is really much equally absurd to say the jobs bill was about jobs or would have created meaningful long-term jobs.

And if someone cannot figure out something easy like homosexual marriage, pornography or abortion how can one hope to figure out something complicated like the details of corporate finance or the economy? Forget it? And this is on the Leftís better days!


Occupy Wall Street and "community organizing"

I was never a Radical, as such, in my youth, but I did at times hang out with communist, "community organizing" Radicals. (I realize this is very difficult, even disappointing, for many of you to believe, but it is true nonetheless.) You might call such Radicals "friends of the President." And, so I know the Radical playbook like the back of my proverbial hand.

There is a set, standard Radical game-plan for overthrowing governments: First, artificial often even paid demonstrators, who become somewhat violent in order to get the police (so-called "pigs") to overreact, and this in turn supposedly will cause a general uprising of the populace with massive riots and demonstrations to topple the government, and of course topple the economic system. During this process The Radicals call for a so-called "General strike," as they did recently in Oakland, and the whole system collapses in social and economic chaos, supposedly.

To be very clear, I have never thought this would remotely work in America because it is way too simplistic for our nation, and we do not actually have millions of dispossessed people living in squalor and oppression, waiting to erupt and all that business. And in point of fact the average person does not just happen to show up at any demonstration or protest march with rocks, bricks, and firebombs, etc. Please, Mr. President, do you really think we were all born yesterday? Having said this, this is all standard strategy and thinking for Radical "community organizing" in order to light the spark to topple a government with mass protests, demonstrations, and violence.


Now the plot thickens...

Now the plot thickens. If the lead community organizer is in the White House, why would he implement such a sick and screwy plan to topple his own government, which news reports indicate he has. (That is, it is his people, indeed subordinates, doing, encouraging, and "organizing" Occupy America etc. as widely reported in the news.)  It is my personal opinion that Obama sees the hand writing on the wall, namely, he loses in 2012 in an historic landslide, and that takes the entire Democrat Party down with him, and the Left is finished in America forever.

This means by "organizing" Occupy Wall Street and other cities across the country, the President has, apparently, decided to "go nuclear," as the expression goes. Letís say the plan "works" and the demonstrations turn increasingly violent, indeed very violent, as hoped for, and there are then massive riots across the entire country, and the nation is ablaze. What happens then? Well, obviously the President has to declare martial law and shut down all the dissident political groups, and perhaps even freedom of the press, of both the "left" and the "right" like Acorn and the Tea Party, dissident news, and so forth. That is, this all simply must be done in order to restore order and save the nation, etc., etc., what could be more obvious?

Though I have always taken the Internet videos of Obamaís declaring his desire for a personal domestic "army" under him, separate from the actual military, with a grain of salt, it would certainly help in this situation in order to suppress insurrection and civil unrest, and it would enable the President to declare and institute martial law without the national guard, which is under control of the states. Did the idiot 2008 Congress secretly establish such an "army" for him? Good Lord, who knows? But to the immediate point at hand, trying to cause widespread chaos and even then crushing it.


This is really not very complicated?

This is really not very complicated, and with widespread, massive, violent protests across the country and potentially most political and press opposition silenced this sets up a possible landslide victory across America for him as well as the Democrat Party in 2012, at which time he will reverse the 22nd amendment and be in a position to achieve his ultimate goal of dictator for life, at least according to the standard Radical "community organizing" playbook.

The Presidentís goal, of course is, and always has been, to turn America into a South American banana republic, and Occupy Wall Street seems clearly, very clearly even, to be a last ditch attempt to "go nuclear" to achieve this ends by attempting to set up President Obama to be the savior of America against the people trying to overthrow or topple the government (his own no less) when all hell breaks loose, etc., etc., again, at least according to the standard Radical "community organizing" playbook, which we must assume he is playing by unless he has written a new one, which seems unlikely.

Look, anybody whose heroes and friends are people like Hugo Chavez and the Muslim Brotherhood "Arab Spring" has serious, serious problems, and at best is a very confused Radical camper, and clearly somewhere along the way this individual has lost the American dream and vision if he ever had it in the first place, which apparently the President did not according to Audacity.  I personally do not think the Presidentís very transparent plan, for those familiar with "community organizing," has a prayer of succeeding, but you never know about such things, stranger things have happened, no doubt, but as a Catholic priest friend of mine used to say, "Thereís many a slip between the cup and the lip."


The President will more likely spend the coming year doing other things?

It is my opinion that the President will more likely spend the coming year trying to justify things like Operation Gun-Runner or failed solar energy companies, than declaring martial law and suppressing riots, etc. There are just way too few people in America in a "burn it down" mood these days, unfortunately for our community-organizing President, it would seem, and indeed this current crop of protesters are almost comical "revolutionaries," by historical standards anyway, whining about student aid or whatever.

Years ago there was a Saturday Night Live skit called "The Whiners," who are today's protestors? (Somebody check Leninís tomb. I think he may have just turned over!) However, the fact is this is not funny, and the fact that a President of the Untied States would attempt something like this is truly outrageous, but very predictable if anyone had bothered to read his books before they voted, which apparently they didnít, but I personally predicted, and indeed assumed, there would be artificially created or attempted civil unrest (even by the President himself) before his term was out in order for him to suppress it by whatever means necessary whether martial law, or otherwise, that is, if his popularity waned let alone collapsed.

Why did I think this? Because I know "community organizing" and let us not forget the current President of the United States is a self-professed "community organizer." And here we are. We have protests, we know they are artificial, and they were predictable, and they are artificially turning violent, and we know the Presidentís Acorn and other such groups are behind them, whatís new? My personal opinion is about all the President can hope for is the phony 1968 Democratic National Convention riots, which actually worked against the Left, not for it. I think the whole thing is ill conceived, and I think virtually nothing will come out of the Occupy movement regardless of the Leftís and possibly even Presidentís grand designs. I personally think the Occupy movement by the Left will backfire (whoever planned it) and make the President less popular and not more popular.


Part of the solution or part of the problem for good government?

It is my firm conviction that Obama is a long, long way from being El Presidente for life at this stage in the game, though it is certainly at least in the back of his mind, and to all appearances these days in the front of his mind. Still, Obama, the Democrat Party and generally the mainstream media are an absurdity, a bad dream, a nightmare to you or you are participating in the insanity of it all from homosexual marriage, to phony Stimulus and Jobs Bills, to Occupy Wall Street and America, etc., and if you are, as the expression goes, you are not a part of "the solution" of morally responsible government for America, you are a part of "the problem" of todayís bad government by the Left.


What is necessary for good government?

The laws of the land are the collective Wisdom of the legislature, and our legislatures today are made up primarily of self-professed Liberals and humanists, and humanists and Liberals are fools (as the Bible and common sense say), and therefore we have terrible laws, that is, terrible rules and regulations, and we have laughably absurd "Stimulus Plans" and "Jobs Bills" and other programs and policies that cost taxpayers trillions upon trillions of dollars.

I have not gotten my fair share of the excess trillions, and if you are reading this, you probably have not either because it was widely reported on the news that it all mostly went in large amounts in the millions and even billions to the well-connected friends of Obama and the Democrat Party, and now the taxpayer is left holding the bill.

This alone could lose the election in a landslide, and when you throw in Obamacare, it is all but a done deal? Riots or no riots? Houdini, himself, could not put this toothpaste back in the tube, Wall Street protests or no Wall Street protests. It is clearly all but over in America for the Democrat Party, the home of Liberalism and Radicalism in America, both of which are the source of almost all our problems today? In my opinion, this Carthage must be destroyed, once and for all, especially after this latest occupy America and Wall Street stunt; this is truly outrageous.

And now a new tax on Christmas trees of all things, yet another policy or program to be eliminated by the next administration. I think the President needs to make one last nationwide apology tour, that is, apology to the American people tour, and then resign? He could kick it off at Christmas as a gift to the American people; he could start in Chicago where this whole mess began and then take it from there. The truth is the guy is going to get his mother-in-lawís vote, one must figure, but after that it is going to be pretty iffy for him?