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Below are some facts on Video "streaming" and a link for downloading a free "media player" if you think you may need one to play our video. But try our video first in the current "Great Books Story" link in the upper left hand margin, whether you are in "broadband" (cable, DSL, etc.) or just in standard or traditional "dial up."   If you think you need a video media player you can download one from Microsoft with this link>>>   Free Media player download from Microsoft     But, probably, first read our >>>



"Video Basics"

    Originally video files were downloaded "in totality" (as it were) into your own personal home computer from a web server (that is, from a website), and then you played the entire file on your own home computer after the whole thing was downloaded. This system is not always used today. A common thing today is what is called "streaming," which is the video starts to download (in so-called "buffering") and then after a little bit of the video is in your computer it just starts playing as it downloads the rest of the video. One source we checked said think of it as like pouring a glass of milk. The download system is you first pour the whole glass of milk, and then you drink it, out of your own computer. With the new technology of "streaming" you drink as it comes into your glass (so to speak).

      The problem is low narrow band (dial up) is like pouring thru a straw, you just cannot pour (that is, "stream") very much data, so the original video must be reduced in quality and size (more than in broadband) or you might be downloading for 3 or 4 hours to see a 30 or 40 minute video!  In any case, in order to play a video coming into your computer by "streaming," you have to have a "media player"! New computers usually or often have them, but if you do not have one, you must download one in order to be able to "stream" and watch the video as it comes into your computer (whether over broadband or dial up).

Bottom-line on streaming our video to your computer

If you have a "media player" installed in your computer, it should play the download streaming "automatically" when you click on our video link. On the page called Great Books Story. If it is says when you click on our video link 'do you want to download this file?' (or something similar) that means probably you have successfully linked to our video, but you are not "streaming," and presumably you do not have a "media player"? But you can download a "media player" (for free) from the Microsoft from the above link, but try our video first to see if you need one.