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Subject: The current budget talks and our coming video series on Origen

(Mon., July 25, 2011)

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Job well done!!!


Why the current budget talks are not politics as usual


How the current budget talks relate to our coming Origen video series


Why are the current budget talks not politics as usual? Because they are actually a debate, both sides now agree, on the future direction of the nation. No small matter obviously. We now have two clear options on the table for the future of America!



What the Tea Party has done...

With their position the conservatives have now given us two basic and clear options for 2012: on the one hand, a massive expansion of the highly dysfunctional, corrupt, Entitlement, utopian welfare state which is bankrupting the country, and on the other hand some form of basic, fundamental restructuring of government on non-ideological, workable, practical, moral grounds along with some form of cut, cap, and balance or a variation on it.


Is a compromise in the works?

Apparently the Senate is going to try to offer a compromise between the two positions leaning heavily to Obamaís and the Democratsí view leaving, presumably a compromise half way between that Senateís starting proposal of the gang of 6 and the House budget. Both houses must recognize that the other is a legitimate legislative body with a now clear radically different view for the future of the country for 2012 and "forever," no less. And the America people will simply have to choose in 2012 and beyond between Rational, practical, morally responsible government for the good of the nation as a whole backed by the revolutionary bloggers, and utopian, ideological, left wing, irresponsible, special interest group government back by the old mainstream media.

This is a tough call for many Americans, and I think both sides should respect that fact, and the issue will probably be resolved once and for all by the next Congress and President, because presumably one side or the other will win a sweeping victory in the next election of both houses of Congress and the Presidency, now that God has in His sovereign providence so had the issues evolve into these two radically and clearly delineated positions. (Praise God in the highest!)


So, the question facing America: Over the cliff at full speed, or...

So, the question facing America: Over the cliff at full speed, or pull back and fundamentally restructure things along some sort of traditional Constitutional grounds? Again, this is a tough call for many people especially in the 1% ruling elite who see themselves as having so much to lose in terms of power, influence and legitimacy, but presumably the average America will probably be able to make this call pretty easily, and without burning the midnight oil in long nights of reflection, as the President says he has to do on whether to trash the Constitution with the Radicals or go with the Liberals more moderate views.

What interesting and exciting times we live in! Not only the most interesting and exciting for America, but probably even for mankind on earth. We live in an end-time, marked by great moral decline in the general society, great confusion for wise social and economic policy, and great confusion in the Church about exactly what true Christianity is. This last question will be answered definitely in our coming video series on Origen, and it will go a long way to solving the first two problems.


The batting order: Origenís place in the larger story of things?

The goal here is to put together the best baseball team of all time. Hereís the batting order. The Didache with its Galatians 5 two modes of being leads off, followed by the best pure all-round player ever, Justin, he bats second, and in this all-star lineup Justin is followed by Origen the greatest slugger of all time, and he will be followed in history by the greatest cleanup hitter ever Augustine, who puts the whole thing together from those who precede him.

In any case, when Origen is finished writing those who wish to fundamentally re-do Christianity as well as those who try to deny it altogether will be finished for 1500 years, and arguably for all time, in fact, when this our coming video series on Origen is done.


What does Origen have to do with the 2 options facing the country today?

The fact is President Obama himself has laid this out brilliantly and correctly in a recent speech. The country is a mess economically and otherwise, and either Obama and the Democrats are "headed in the right direction" as he thinks, or they are not! That is the question. Not complicated, and all agree.

Full speed ahead with massive spending, borrowing, and expansion of government and entitlement programs. Or, this is exactly the wrong direction, and we need to get spending under control and limit, even reduce the size and scope of government, and restructure entitlement programs to make them work, and probably re-name them while we are at it! This means there is universal agreement in America that these are the two options.


What are the demographics here?

Some people (maybe 30 or 40% of the country in the polls?) are said to hold the first opinion is by far the best, over the cliff at full speed, and 60 or 70% hold the second option is by far the best. There is no middle ground here, and I am firmly with the 60 or 70% because they have the practical and morally responsible solutions, but not everybody is good with this, and significant numbers of Americans still lean toward a utopian, morally irresponsible position born big time in FDRís long list of "positive rights."

The fact is FDRís "positive rights" have simply run their course in history, and we need to start to think about things in whole new ways, which are actually very traditional in fact, but again not everybody is ready to do that especially those in positions of great power in the current structure of things. Rational thinking actually takes effort, and many people are not prepared to do it.


The Logos Christology of Justin is the key to re-structuring government

What does this mean? The Logos Christology of Justin and Matthew Henry explicitly (and of Locke and Wesley implicitly), the ontological and metaphysical nature of Right Reason or Wisdom must be re-discovered by Bible Christianity if the saints are to have any chance to understand, let alone set up, a Kingdom Era political structure of just and righteous governments described in Isaiah and Revelation.

However with the re-discovery of Logos Christology the whole thing is very do-able politically, it is only a matter of time, and interestingly we are in our time repeating very similar patterns in philosophy and religion as in the initial expansion of the Christian faith in the early centuries of the faith. What happened in those early centuries and why is our road map to the future and to the actual Kingdom Era...


After Justin the philosophical plot thickens immensely, in a way similar to our day...

In antiquity after Justin the philosophical plot in all history thickens immensely, and in a way similar to our day. Enter one Origen to fix the messes of early Christianity and he will do it again if we re-discover him because our problems today are almost identical to those of his day and are the actual subjects he writes on (Iím serious). So, in fact, the brilliant, incomparable Origen is the solution to almost all the confusions we are dealing with today in our time in all areas of society, law, morality, religion, government, economics, and, yes, theology of course, and even indirectly the two main options facing America today for the direction of the country.

Origen will argue, based on the famous 1 Cor. 2:14 passage that without the Spirit of God received in Christian salvation, you simply canít think straight, try as you might. You canít think straight about God or Scripture and hence the things of God such as Good, True, Right, etc. And what Origen does is explore and explain the dynamic of how and why this works the way it does. You might say, the good doctor is going to give us the cause and cure of sloppy thinking!


The religious and political relevance for us today should be obvious.

The religious and political relevance for us today should be obvious. The two options: Full speed ahead with massive spending, borrowing, and expansion of government and entitlement programs, Obamaís and the Democratsí solution, or getting spending under control and limit even reduce the size of government, and restructure so-called "entitlement" programs to make them work. Clearly one side is not thinking straight, big time!

Or, similarly, if Jimmy Carter says he wants, in essence, to re-write the preamble to the Constitution so that the purpose of the state is to implement positive human rights in the broadest possible sense based simply on agape love then that is amoral and it is also utopian and not thinking straight, but Mr. Carter, as Liberals generally, obviously cannot see this or they would not suggest it, self-evidently. Similarly Mr. Carter wants as Liberals generally to change the purpose of the church to preach agape love as its central and indeed only message. Is this Rational? No, it is not, clearly to the plain sin-and-salvation Gospel message (of Tertullian) in the Bible text.


Origen is going to argue...

In effect, Origen is going to argue to President Obama and former President Carter that until you get the Spirit of God in you, (which one gets in receiving Christ into oneís life) one has a very limited ability to think Rationally about very simple concepts of spirituality, morality, and God. And, indeed, the sign for Origen that one is Spirit-filled (is not some gift of speaking in tongues) but rather one is able to think straight about spiritual and moral truths of life, or, say, write a Declaration of Independence, or whatever.

We can all do this to a degree with God-given common sense, but when one becomes a Liberal or Radical one tends to lose what little common sense one has, and Origen argues you get a spirit of error somehow connected in the realm of the spirit to demons or doctrines of demons (and he has clear and well-known Scripture quotes for all of this).

For our purposes here, demons or no demons, Origen holds when one is thinking really nutty stuff, it seems brilliant to you given your blindness to obvious truths about God and Good and Justice or Right and Truth and Love, specifically actually; this is his list. You simply cannot connect the dots between these things, try as you might. "Connect the dots" is not his terminology, of course, but that is the sum of his argument.


For Origen it is all a matter of worshipping God correctly in spirit and truth

For Origen, when we get off track in spirit and truth in worshipping God, we donít get the holy Spirit into our lives, and we fall into these problems, these problems of not being able to think straight or connect the dots about God as well as Good and Justice or Right and Truth and Love, (and, hence, a massive expansion of a dysfunctional bankrupting Entitlement state seems perfectly rational and a good idea to the Liberal).

This view of Origen is not complicated, and it is totally Biblical as we saw on this very website in doing the New Testament in our video series. Origen is going to explore the entire dynamic of this process internally in our souls in our minds and hearts, and our simply not being able to think straight on certain types of issues dealing with good ideas, morality, love, God, etc.

Clearly in the political debate between the conservatives and liberals of our time as it is playing out in the current budget talks, one side is right and one side is radically wrong. But which? And why? Origen is pretty much going to answer both of these questions. It is as if this great saint has come back to life to sort out all of our problems in the Church and society more generally with true Christianity and good and wise social and political policy. Cool, no? But that is not all Origen is going to do for us!


Bible Christianity and 3 options: 1.) do it, or 2.) donít do it, or 3.) re-do it.

Further, besides using a "spirit and truth" approach to Scripture as Origen does, and as we did on this website in the New Testament, Origen in fact approaches the Christian faith in a manner we also used in doing the New Testament, namely, in dealing with Bible Christianity, one has 3 options. 1.) do it, or 2.) donít do it, or 3.) re-do it.

In his classic work De Principiis Origen takes on the re-do it folks of his day, specifically and directly, as the very point of the text no less, and he takes them down in argument and shows how and why they are not thinking straight, and what is so important about this is the re-do-it people of Origenís day are almost identical todayís Liberals (such as Presidents Carter and Obama).

Origen clearly holds the key to fixing the sloppy thinking of todayís Liberals, which is often sloppy to the point of utter ridiculousness in theology and otherwise. But there is still more to come...


We are in for a real treat! A philosophical feast! And a spiritual wipeout!

In his other great masterpiece, Against Celsus, Origen takes on the outright donít-do-it folks to Bible Christianity and takes them down and down hard, very hard. Celsus is similar to todayís humanists or atheists but not identical, but, regardless, in completely nuking Celsus of antiquity the fallout will be sufficient to take out todayís humanists as well.

Bottom-line after re-discovering De Principiis it will be the end of irrational re-do it Christian Liberalism in our time and for all time, and in re-discovering Against Celsus (and its related implications for modernity) it will be the end of humanism or atheism in our time and for all time.


Origen is simply no ordinary human being!

Doing Origen may be the greatest intellectual challenge I personally have ever faced. If you have the Spirit in you, you can usually see Origenís points he says himself and connect the dots, as we say today, but without the Spirit he may make little sense to you he says himself as well. Origen is simply in a class by himself. His technique is to take endless Scripture passages which are making key philosophical and theological points and connect them together and show you their relationship in a systematic way, hence he is doing true systematic theology not the phony stuff of, say, a modern Paul Tillich.

And in the same way Crescens, a fellow philosopher, who cannot get into the ring with Justin, turns in Justin for execution, Origen is eventually arrested and tortured, but not killed. Though the time line is not clear in the great Church historian Eusebius, Origen does not simply out argue fellow philosopher Celsus, Origen mops the floor of the entire Roman Empire with Celsus. In fact, Origen totally humiliates Celsus page after page after page, arguably not a very Christian thing to do actually. In any case, Origen is eventually turned in to the authorities and in pure cruelty they severely torture him but do not kill him in order not to give him the honor of martyrdom, and he is released and dies some time later.


Origen will prove, I think, to be as devastating to our day as he was to his

In any case, after the Against Celsus wipeout there will not be a serious intellectual challenge to Christianity (to my knowledge) for the next 1500 years, such is its impact on Western thought. For a variety of reasons Origen is not an easy read (translations of translations and other things) as we will see in the coming VIDEO series. But, regardless, today whether you fall into the "do it" position of Bible Christianity, or the "donít do it" position of the atheist, humanist, Radical, etc., or the "re-do it" spirituality of the Liberal, cosmic humanist, New Ager etc., you need Origen.

He is talking to all of us regardless of which of the 3 camps one is in, and after re-discovering Origen, we will all become Bible Christians once again, because, I think, the "re-do it" and "donít do it" people will be too intellectually embarrassed to state their positions openly in public ever again, just as they were for 1500 years after Origen the first time around.


If you are still having a hard time following this...

If you are still having a hard time following this, Origen establishes a definitive Christian "orthodoxy" as a knowledge condition for mankind on earth, and we will not see a problem with orthodoxy again until 1500 years after Origen with modernityís atheism and Christian Liberalism, which are both still plaguing us and even dominating us to this day, hence, the extreme relevance of Origen for us.

After Origen the Church will develop yet another whole set of problems namely the faulty traditions of men (not orthodoxy, as such), and the back of that will be broken, of course, in the Reformation, but that is yet another story for yet another day.


Right now the goal is Origen on August 15th...

Right now the goal is Origen on August 15th if I can put it all together by then. Prepping for a video series like this is massively involved in fact, and doing Origen, in particular, is a massive philosophical undertaking of the first order, and I am doing the very best I can in arguably very rarefied air, but in another sense not rarefied at all, just very clarified common sense, when you stop and think about it, given by the holy Spirit says Origen.

But in truth common sense ainít so common anymore and clarified common sense in the Spirit, even less so, and some of us have a little bit more measure of the holy Spirit poured out into us than others in understanding these things says Origen himself based on 1 Cor. 12:8, and Origen clearly has a great anointing of the first order in these things, and in my humble opinion there is not a person on this planet who cannot profit greatly from reading Origen. You say, "Just give me the Bible!" Look, partner, Origen can do stuff with the Scripture that you simply canít do. "Really?" Really. "How is he able to do that?" Itís a gift.


Bottom-line: Re-discovering Origen opens the door in our time to...

Re-discovering Origen opens the door in our time to a possible unified Body of Christ across all denominations as well as an end to Liberalism in its various forms and an end to atheism or humanism in its various forms, once and for all.

So, coming August 15th, if at all possible, a video series on Origen the Great, the Greatest Theologian ever. It is my goal and intention that when the dust settles on this particular VIDEO series the just "do it" folks will be the only persons left standing, intellectually, spiritually, and practically speaking in our day, as they were in Origenís.