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Wednesday Update

What we want to continue doing in some of these Wednesday Updates is to look at major events in the news in their larger historical context.... And maybe even how some things will be viewed in 50 years, 100 years or even 500 or 1000 years...


Subject: The coming election,

and the survival of the American republic as we have known and loved it

(Wednesday, September 26, 2012)

(approx. 5125 words, 9 pp.)


Obama is...

180 degrees wrong on issue after issue and with the pedal to the metal


Two true directions or paths and the voters decide this November

Basically the choice is between "sanity" and "insanity." Take your pick


116 clear, major Reasons (off the top of my head)

why no American should vote for Obama or any of his Democrat followers


This is not a "normal" election. Obama has been going 180 degrees in the wrong direction with the pedal to the metal for the past 4 years, and it is virtually never reported in the mainstream media, and if any of it were, Obama and his Democrats would not get 30% of the vote this November? This is "insanity."



The two true directions or paths...

The opposite of the Left’s dysfunctional, utopian, bankrupting, entitlement statism is not a "thinly veiled social Darwinism" (supposedly of the American founders) as Democrats have been arguing since Jimmy Carter. The opposite of the unrestrained entitlement state of FDR and Carter, which Obama has taken to its logical radical conclusion, is the practical, moral, and Rational theory of government, law, education, and economics of the founders, and as seen in such thinkers as John Locke, Adam Smith, and Cicero.

This vision of government, law, education, and economics is what the left has specifically thrown out for a dysfunctional, utopian, bankrupting, entitlement statism, which is basically a really nutty idea, but it is all done in the name of supposed "compassion" or one sort or another and supposedly avoiding a "thinly veiled social Darwinism."


Obama is 180 degrees off course...

Regardless of whether the Left acts specifically in the name of compassion or not, Obama has taken FDR’s positive rights to a radical, even anti-American extreme in terms of the founding American vision. Obama is 180 degrees off with his policies with the pedal to the metal with some major scandal every other week for 3 1/2 years.

Sane people cannot get their minds around this, but almost none of the insanity ever makes the mainstream news as insanity. This is totally bizarre, virtually disorienting with seemingly a complete disconnect from normal reality. But as Will Rogers used to say, "All I know is what I read in the newspapers."


116 Reasons no one should vote for Obama, just off the top on my head on Obama’s endless 180 degree off course policies with the pedal to the metal...

It all started on day one, if not before. (1.) Obama openly ran on the idea of "transforming" American into something it was not and has never been before. That is flatly a bizarre thing for someone to say who is running for President, and it was (2) based on the nutty anti-colonist vision of his "fathers" (he says himself), not exactly Tom Jefferson and the boys. And nobody noticed?

He then began his Presidency with a massive Omnibus Bill (3) and Stimulus Plan (4), which did not "stimulate" the economy and really had no possibility of doing so given the way it was structured for anyone who had passed Economics 101, but we all pretended this was not the case. Again, this was flatly bizarre, and on top of this much of the money was supposed to be for "shovel-ready" jobs, but in reality those jobs did not exist in any significant numbers and, again (5), no one said a word.

Furthermore much of the almost trillion dollars was given to Biden to hand out at his political discretion. This is a Slush Fund by any almost definition of that term, and it was given to Obama by the Democrat Congress, and again, (6) this was flat weird, and no one said a word. And when the Stimulus Plan failed to stimulate the economy, everyone acted surprised (7)! On cue, no less, but the media had to act surprised in order to maintain their creditability in endorsing it all in the first place.

Further, in those early months Obama took over GM at billions upon billions of dollars of expense to the taxpayers never to be repaid (8), and then he gives most of GM to his union voters as yet another political payoff (9). This is outrageous on both counts, and no one says a word. And Obama calls this "saving" GM, and the mainstream media so reports the whole thing, and they do to this day, and this was even a main theme of the Democrat National Convention This is flat crazy; this is surreal.


But, of course we are just getting started with the insanity...

In July of 2009 Obama pressured the Senate to defund the F-22 fighter (10), while at the same he was supposedly looking at ways to spend money to "stimulate" the economy with something besides make-work employment and government handouts. This is a clear 180 degrees off course. Logic 101 would have said increase production of the fighters, if you are actually looking for government spending to create good jobs! And yet again (as I recall), no one in the mainstream media said a word, not a word.

Later, Obama is going to want to cancel sales of jets to Taiwan (11), more lost jobs, more lost GDP, and virtually deserting an ally which wants to defend itself. And again, no says a word or acts like this is just a bit bizarre, even surreal, and it would seem, yet again, 180 degrees off course, with the pedal to the metal.

"Fast and Furious" (12) otherwise known as Operation Gun-Runner was truly, truly outrageous, and 180 degrees off course with the pedal to the metal. And it is directly traceable to Holder (13), we all now know, but that was obviously so from the beginning. Why? Because Holder could not find anyone to hold to account, which meant from the very beginning it had to be himself. Why does Obama not fire him? We all now know it was Holder’s plan, but if Obama does not fire him, it can only be because it was Obama’s plan (14), which makes sense given the fact that Holder would not undertake such an outrageous operation without presidential approval. But, yet again, not a word from the mainstream press.

So, we now know as a fact that Holder was in on the plan from the beginning and that he was the top guy, and hence, all fingers now point to the White House. But not a word, not a peep from the press about "What did the President know? And when did he know it?" Why was neither question ever raised? Because the answer to both is obvious. The truth is everybody at ABC, CBS, and NBC knows exactly who was, apparently, responsible for Fast and Furious, but they are afraid to say so publicly, presumably for fear of retaliation from the White House. The mainstream media has truly failed the country, but Obama’s long list of overlooked outrages is just getting started.


The list goes on...

Multi-flawed Obamacare (15, 16, and 17) and Dodd Frank (18) are two more outrages passed in the middle of the night, and nobody even knew what they were voting for. Obama just told the Democrat Congress he wanted both of them and he got them.

Two more over-the-top Obama moves were even in opposition to the historical position of his own Democrat party, namely, repeal of Clinton’s "don’t ask, don’t tell" (19) and Obama’s endorsing homosexual marriage (20). A third outrage that went against his party’s historical stand was his un-Constitutional abandonment of the Defense of Marriage Act by Holder’s "Justice" Department (21). As I recall there was hardly a word by anyone in the mainstream media about any of these three totally unprecedented things.

Eric Holder actually started his tenure in office by calling the nation a bunch of "moral cowards," and there was not a word from Obama (22) or the press on this, but yet another 180 degrees out of phase, with the pedal to the metal, and Holder was only echoing Obama’s similar outrageous words in the Audacity of Hope about Abraham Lincoln’s supposed moral-cowardice "practicality" (23), no less!!! But for some unknown reason, not a word from the press.

Obama also makes unprecedented and apparently un-Constitutional recess appointments (24), and the press says, yet again, not a word. Obama makes not one but two clearly outrageous living-Constitution appointments to the Supreme Court (25 & 26), and the press says, yet again, not a word. Nor do they even debate the issue. They just cannot find any story on these two events or figures!

Obama ignores the bi-partisan Simpson Bowles (27). He basically tells them to take a hike, and guess what? Not a word from the press. Who would have ever dreamed it!


Obama actually defunds Social Security...

Obama actually defunds Social Security, not once, but TWICE (28 & 29) with so called "pay-roll" tax cuts! OUTRAGEOUS!!! This is the only source of revenue for the struggling Social Security system, but I personally do not recall a single story of significance on this. This is truly surreal in any sane world.

Further, under Obama’s direction, the Holder "Justice" Department is out of control time and time and time again, suing countless states over enforcing immigration laws and voting laws, etc. Holder did not sue the long list of states for not enforcing American laws but enforcing laws!!! (30, 31, 32, 33, 34 and 35) This is truly an Alice-in-Wonderland absurdity and for a normal American patriot good for a possible 5 or 6 ulcers. But who is responsible for Holder’s outrageous actions? Again, all fingers point to the White House, but yet again, not a peep from the press. Why? Obama is clearly 180 degrees off course with the pedal to the metal, and we simply cannot say that, now can we?

Labor relations says Boeing is not "allowed" to build a major aircraft plant (36), but not a word in the press is to be heard?

Obama goes to Kansas and announces (yet again) we are going to have a new America because the country has never worked and has always been unjust (37). Excuse me! I beg your pardon! The most remarkable nation in history has never worked? Please!  And the main stream media? Yet again, not a word, not a peep! The fact is America is the wonder of the world and arguably the wonder of mankind on earth, as Lincoln said "the world’s last, best hope," but not for this President because America has only had four truly good or great Presidents supposedly, namely, the moral-coward-Lincoln, FDR, LBJ, and, of course, Obama (38). Please. I must have wax in my ears.


The list of 180 degree off course outrages continues...

The Keystone pipeline? Not a tough call, truly, but Obama screwed that up as well 180 degrees off with the pedal to the metal. (39)

But not to worry! Billions upon billions for Obama’s friends in green energy (40, 41, 42). This will solve all of our problems and lower the sea levels! Unfortunately they mostly go bankrupt, but of course they walk with their billions of money that Obama gave them, but nobody says anything because that might be "racist"? I have never really understood the racial component of failed solar energy, but I am not very smart (43).

We end manned space flight and cut back other space programs (44) to save money for giving away to people who do not work (yet another 180 degree screw up), and we turn NASA into a Muslim outreach (45). This is so bizarre that it is beyond bizarre? It is beyond surreal? It must, again, be the wax in my ears, but I cannot get to the doctor because the Obamacare thing is not working for me.

Obama and Holder shake down PB (46). BP may have deserved to be shaken-down, but a shakedown, is a shakedown, is a shakedown and by any other name it is still a shakedown. And the press? Not a word except to reprimand those who point out this rather obvious truth. And then subsequently the Obama administration ignores various court orders on the oil spill (47) and yet again, not a peep from the press?

Franklin Graham gets the boot from the National Day of Prayer for being a Christian (48), as does the National Day of Prayer from the White House (49, 50), and the EEOC sues a Lutheran school for being Christian (51). This stuff is so crazy that you cannot get your mind around it. But the press just cannot find a story? And the Roman Catholics? They can take a hike too (52). But far be it from me to say Obama is 180 digress off on all of these 4 or 5 religious incidents with the pedal to the metal. Obama then restricts religious and spiritual guidance in the military and suicides soar (53). Who would have ever guessed? An Islamic terrorist soldier attacks and kills many follow soldiers at Fort Hood, and it is labeled workplace violence or some such silliness (54). A perfectly normal thing to do!


The list continues, but at least Obama won the war in Iraq...

But, of course, Obama does have some truly great accomplishments as Vice President Biden holds, like, say, winning the war in Iraq! It must be that stupid ear wax, or I am losing my earring, or I am going crazy, or what? I thought Iraq was Bush’s misguided war that could not be won! BUT one of the truly great accomplishments of the Obama administration is widely said to be the right to arrest, detain, and imprison American citizens without arrest warrants and without due process of law (55). People are to just disappear in the night like the old Soviet Union. And this was seriously debated in the Republican primary, as possibly a good idea!!! It is the wax; I know it is the wax. And, yet again, not a peep from the mainstream media. I am not a lawyer, and I do not play one on TV, but is this not the right of habeas corpus? Take a hike?

And when Obama signed this outrageous law reportedly giving him personally the right to make people disappear in the night on his personal commander-in-chief order, he just laughed and said something like, "Oh, don’t worry America, I won’t use it." (56) This is not ulcer-level stuff like Holder’s normal nutty doings, this is stroke-level stuff? This is enough to shut down one’s mental circuits, but the mainstream media cannot find a story or even a comment?

The Supreme Court upholds Obamacare, and the truly troubling thing is 4 justices (two of whom were Obama’s) thought it was Constitutional even if it was not a tax (57)!!! Where did they get their law degrees? Off a cereal box? Let's hope not! And yet again, to my knowledge not a single 180-degree-off-course story to be found by the mainstream media. They just cannot find one! No way baby! And one of the justices actually helped write the law she was ruling on and did not recuse herself, clearly a potentially impeachable offense by Obama’s gal (58), and yet again, not a peep from the press.

And let us not forget Obama was going to close Gitmo (59) and try terrorists in New York City (60), and both were ulcer-level 180 degree off course, and the press saw no real problems with either. Why? Because Obama wanted them both, but he ultimately could not get either.

But the Trey Von Martin fiasco with a massive successfully-done disaster for the White House and "Justice" Department, but the press did not want to point out this obvious fact, but rather circulate pictures of Martin as a child and doctor police audio tapes to make Zimmerman look guilty. (61 & 62) And, further, as Obama got this totally wrong with the help of the media, the "Justice" Department refused to crack down on those doing vigilante justice on a nation-wide level (63). Yet another 180 degree screw-up, but reminiscent of an earlier 180 degree screw-up with the New Black Panthers intimating white voters with guns (64), all of which the news media was strangely silent about? I cannot imagine why.

Obama announces massive suspension of pending deportation of non-violent crime illegal immigrants (65), and not a peep from the press. In a separate incident he grants by executive order temporary, if not permanent, legality to many illegal immigrants (66) by un-Constitutional fiat (67).

Obama’s EPA wins a silly Green House gas case (68), and he issues countless doctored unemployment figures (69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, or more), and he does QE 1, 2, and buys up hundreds of billions in bad mortgage paper, etc. (75, 76, 77) What Constitutional authority is at play here? Who knows? Who cares?

Obama sides with the Muslim Brotherhood in the "Arab Spring" (78). AND he identifies the "Arab Spring" with his own election and supporters in 2008 (79)!!! And, of course, not a peep from the press. Obama is and always has been his own worst enemy? Or maybe it is just the old wax; it must be the wax.


No need for damage control!

The truth is so long as the media do not report what Obama says or so long as what he says is ignored, he never has to do damage control. He said in the 2008 presidential debates the purpose of government is to redistribute or to spread the wealth around (80). Is that true? At times maybe, but generally not all agree, but he clearly really believes it, but people ignored it or did not believe he really meant it. Further he said he had little or no involvement with ACORN and other radicals and radical anti-American groups (81, 82, 83). Was that true? Clearly not.

But no matter what Obama says or what he has done, he gets a pass. This is true not just for a misstatement here or there but systematically for the most radical of statements and misguided policies that are 180 degrees out of phase with the entire traditional American vision, which he even admits himself!!! This is crazy, totally crazy, and everyone in the mainstream media acts as if it is all totally normal.


There are two paths ahead of us, indeed!

There are two paths ahead of us, indeed, both for America and Europe and ultimately for the entire world! One is the path of Obama and the Democrats with irresponsible, utopian and 180 degree wrong pedal-to-the-metal programs and policies, and the other path is one of responsible as well as practical, traditional American values with re-designed social and economic programs and policies that actually work and do not break the Treasury.

But Obama embraces nothing traditionally American. He goes around the world, bowing to foreign leaders and giving apology tours (84, 85). Makes perfectly good sense! It is about time some President did!

Obama releases strategic oil reserves for no particular reason? Apparently just to get rid of it (86)? 180 degrees off yet again? But what the heck Americans are "lazy," and they did not build their own country or businesses, etc. (87)

Obama makes a personal decision to drastically reduce our nuclear deterrent (88)? Maybe more than an executive order would be appropriate here? Just maybe?

No one can keep up with all of the insanity, and no one can believe it is happening. When Obama lost the Congress in 2010, he said (as I recall) that he would have to come up with a way to do his agenda without Congress? Did I not hear that? No one thought anything of it? The President openly disses the Constitution (89), and there is nothing bizarre about it? Of course not as well as there is nothing strange about his having an open intention to ignore the Constitution! A new book in the making? The Audacity of Presidential Intention?

But if we just get rid of 100 watt light bulbs everything will be fine (90)! Obama has this silly ad on the radio constantly (91), and we are paying for it!

But probably the biggest fiasco and sham was Obama’s manipulation of the debt ceiling crisis (92), with, yet again, willing accomplices in the media of course. There was no "compromise." He got 98% of what he wanted, as a fact, but the mainstream media overtly spun it the opposite way.

Obama is said to have radically altered Social Security disability payments (93), but how much? Who knows? Obama illegally (94) ends work requirements for welfare (95) and then food stamps (96). Obama openly targeted the coal industry for extinction (97), but it never made the mainstream media. Just not a worthy story? Obama opens travel with the fine folks of tyrannical Cuba (98), the Workers’ Paradise for Obama’s Congressional Black Caucus (99). Obama seeks affirmative action for the mentally disabled at DOJ (100). (A good place for them, no doubt.). Obama repeatedly disses our closest allies. He returns Churchill’s bust to the Brits (101), and he snubs Israel time and again (102, 103, 104). Obama defunds DC schools of choice (105). Obama hires thousands upon thousands more un-needed government workers and tax collectors etc. (106, 107, 108)


And, of course, the ultimate coup de grace as the Iranian hostage crisis only worse?

The problem is of course "nothing" ever makes the mainstream media, except the killing of bin Laden. But did the Egyptian and Libyans and countless others just happen to storm our embassies on 9-11? I would think not, but maybe. The great irony here is the final nail in the coffin of Jimmy Carter’s failed presidency was the Iranian hostage crisis, and as Yogi Berra used to say, "This is deja vu all over again," but on the whole worse?

Why is this current worldwide Muslim eruption worse? There are many reasons.. It was Obama who identified the "Arab spring" with his American supporters, and he has never retracted that. And it is Obama who has called the killing of an American ambassador the "natural response" to some silly YouTube video!!! (109) What kind of campaign ad would that make! And not a word from the press! And then Obama calls the killing of the American ambassador a bump in the road (110) in his failed Muslim outreach. And he has never yet retracted either of these outrageous statements, and the press has never even requested a rephrasing of this common Leftist intellectual, academic idiocy. And then at the UN after all of this with the world aflame he says "the path is clear" to moderate and non-violent Islam!!! (111) Really, Mr. President? If the path is so "clear" why have you not been able to find a first step on it in 4 years!!! This is insane. And not a word from the press on any of this.

Can you imagine Jimmy Carter saying that the takeover the Iranian embassy was a "natural response" to the dying Shah’s coming to America for medical treatment? I cannot, but such outrageous rhetoric is commonplace for Obama and today’s entire Democrat Party. God help us. And Obama cannot even decide if Egypt is an "ally" or not? Obama is clearly getting cold feet about his friends in the Muslim Brotherhood, but he is not yet ready to denounce them. My goodness.


To be fair to Obama and his unbelievably massive failures...

To be fair to Obama and his unbelievably massive failures, he may have actually meant well, domestically and internationally. But the last thing America wants to do is go "forward" with his clearly failed domestic agenda and his clearly failed international polices!!! (112, 113) Obama may not have actually been trying to destroy the economy and ruin our national standing in the world, but tragically that is what he has done.

Look, the Stimulus Plan, not only failed by all almost accounts but actually made the situation worse, arguably even much worse with debt, unemployment, etc. Similarly, Obama’s on-going, well-intentioned but misguided Muslim outreach failed and arguably made America’s situation not just worse but much worse with the Muslim world than when he took office, when the world was nowhere close to ablaze. Arguably, America’s relationship with the entire Muslim world has never been anywhere close to this bad, ever.

Under Obama’s inspiring leadership and by his stirring and moving citizen-of-the-world speeches in Berlin and Cairo (114 & 115), America has managed to snatch unprecedented, worldwide defeat from the jaws of victory, a true talent, if ever there was one? The Convention was the Democrats last chance to get their act together, to either draft Hillary (what I thought they would do) or adopt a new campaign slogan for "Forward!", namely, "Reverse at full speed!"


"Forward" at full speed in the wrong direction?

It does not appear that Obama will ever be able to achieve the historical standing of Neville Chamberlain let alone a Jimmy Carter, but that is putting the bar pretty low to be honest. Truth be told, my mind just shuts down listening to this guy because I can almost never believe what I am hearing, but the mainstream media maintains the surreal narrative. Day in and day out, we are told by Obama and the Democrats if we just raise taxes 100 billion dollars on the wealthiest Americans it would solve all our economic problems, and if it would, I would be all for it.

Is there a single person in the mainstream media who can any longer look themselves in the mirror? I think not. Think about it, Obama and the Democrats add 5 or 6 trillion to the debt with no end in sight to wildly growing deficits just by base-line budgeting alone. But if we do indeed soak the wealthy for the 100 billion (116) that will solve (do the math) less than 2% of our (5 trillion dollar) problem that Obama has created, and Obama himself so tells us! And what does Obama plan on doing about the other 98% of the problems we have and that he has created? The answer is nothing, but more of the same at full speed!

This is not mere incompetence, but insanity, if not conscious destruction of the nation as we have known and loved it for centuries. His behavior has been shameless for 3 1/2 years. But why? Obama surrounds himself with Liberals and other Leftists who assure him that all of this insanity and destruction (nationally and internationally) makes perfectly good sense, and the mainstream media does not wish to look intellectually or academically unsophisticated, and so they maintain the surreal (even nightmare) story line of all is well and working fine. The media, academics, and Democrats live in a bubble, completely detached from main street America and even reality itself. Truly this is a tragedy of historic proportions.

The truth is Obama’s original speeches of four years ago were never really that good, and at this hour they are becoming embarrassingly bad from the UN to the Democratic National Convention where he just dusted off Carter’s speech from 32 years ago and re-gave it. And the media never said a word, but Obama and Carter were both right about one thing, we must in this hour of great national crisis choose between two completely different paths. Will it be a failed utopian statism or good ole practical American know-how with a sense of fair play and with good policies to support these traditional American values that have always "worked" when tried and rightly and wisely applied.


Can Romney and the Republicans truly turn things around?

The question is not, "Are Carter, Obama, and the Democrats 180 degrees off course on almost everything with their new path and direction for the country?" But rather the question is, "What do we do when and if we decide we want to dramatically restructure and reverse the direction of the ever-expanding, dysfunctional entitlement state of the last 60 plus years?" This is a practical, fix-it question for a clearly broken American government, and the last four years have brought us to the edge of ruin, the edge of the cliff, but the new Congress and President are going to have to have the Wisdom of Solomon to turn this thing around and fix it. And it may even be too late?

The fact that we are 180 degrees in the wrong direction is obvious. How to fix it ain’t so obvious, but in truth by the sovereignty of God the Republicans may have the perfect candidate for this hour of great national crisis, arguably never seen before in the history of our nation, at least since the Civil War. Mitt Romney with his sidekick Ryan is skilled and gifted to re-structure and turn around very large and failing companies, but in reality this similar national situation may be a challenge of unimaginable proportions but definitely do-able with a good Congress to work with. The goal? To take a new path to make America and our government work, again, and a path that makes fiscal sense.


The issues and two possible directions are clear

If the issues and two directions are clearly laid out, I personally cannot see how Obama and the Democrats can get more than 30% of the vote, but what do I know? It seems to me that all the Republicans have to do is ask, "Do you like the direction of the country?" Yes or no? That is also what the Democrats are openly selling, namely, the current direction or the current path and "forward" on it! But this will destroy us. The way of Greece is clearly not the way out of our mess.

The truth is the current direction is not only self-evidently terrible but dangerously so for the survival of the republic as we have known and loved it (the media, let alone Obama and the Democrats are clearly and openly not understanding almost any of this), but if we cannot reach a national consensus now on a new national direction (after four years of clear disaster for 116 already-mentioned reasons), then we probably never will be able to.

In which case, time for taps? May America Rest in Peace? Strike the flag, boys, it’s time to call it quits... Old Glory had a good 200 plus year run, but it’s over, and we simply have to accept that? Or we develop a 60 to 70% national consensus we need to fix things in a way best for all Americans working together in a common national vision for the good of all. "One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all." Only one of the paths will get us there, and it is clearly not Obama’s and the Democrats’ for anybody with eyes to see.